Good Vs Poor Lubricants

by Mar 1, 2024Lubricants

Good Lubricants

Good Lubricants & Good Lubrication Awareness

PM Lubrication’s technicians regularly meet individuals who have been faced with very high maintenance costs, in some cases unexpected and usually uncalled for. On occasions these events can be traced back to poor lubrication. Machinery maintenance and related costs continue to go under the radar of some managers and individuals and yet is an area in their businesses where better knowledge and probably a change in thinking and practices could result in significant improvements to their respective bottom lines. Preventative Maintenance Lubrication encourages its customers to an increased awareness in considering all their options in the decision-making processes.

Making the Distinction: With little or no thought about lubrication, most of us are placed in a position of making lubrication decisions, which seem straightforward, however below the surface, can lead to problems that can have expensive consequences. Many for example are led into making decisions due to pressures imposed by slick advertising aimed at saving the consumer money. Remember deals where a distributor would offer specials such as “Buy six drums of oil and the 7th is free”. Or an advertisement that said, “Bulk engine oil $2.95/litre, bulk hydraulic oil $2.46/litre”. But those with a level of lubricant knowledge know that saving money buying cheap oil is in most instances a false economy. On the other hand, buying quality oil to remedy bad lubrication/practices is also a false economy. Many fail to make the distinction between good lubricants and good lubrication. However, it is this very distinction that determines whether one is on the pathway leading to lubrication success or not. Preventative Maintenance Lubrication is active in highlighting the difference between value and price when making lubricant decisions.

Education: Good lubrication has to be learned and understood, initiated by a commitment to improve efficiency through performance. By its very nature, good lubrication is pro-active not re-active and certainly not passive. Just as one cannot buy experience, so too, one can’t simply buy good lubrication, expecting a trouble-free path ahead. Conversely one cannot fix a poor maintenance regime just by throwing money at it. Managed lubrication in all its forms is knowledge gained over time – such insight is not available for purchase at any price. An educative approach to lubrication by controlled effort and continuous involvement in the processes has built into it an expectancy that has its own rewards. Preventative Maintenance Lubrication actively encourages understanding through learning.

Due Diligence: To buy good quality lubricants, one only needs money. Knowledge based lubrication purchases carefully consider the type and quality of lubricants to suit the needs of the machinery, making it more than a purchasing activity. Good lubrication goes way beyond the selection process and gives due attention to detail. It gives due diligence, ever yearning for the lowest cost via the educated choice to bring optimization to a lubrication need. It is measurement driven and quick to utilize technology such as involvement in regular oil analysis to make informed decisions. Preventative Maintenance Lubrication actively promotes the time proven Preventative Maintenance approach.

Poor Lubrication: Poor lubrication has presented itself to many in some way in the past. Unwanted breakdowns, costly repairs and unwanted downtime and costly production outcomes can cut deeply into operating profits. Many who continue to choose this path are condemned to repeat it. There is a way out though. Make a decision to change and begin by learning. The understanding will come and so too will profitability. Preventative Maintenance Lubrication can assist in initiating change, with a reward that improvements and better outcomes will follow.